Tre giornate intense che sicuramente hanno fatto maturare agonisticamente i nostri giovani atleti. Molti al primo anno di categoria e comunque tanta bella esperienza.
SUSANNA DOSSI nei 3000m, come al solito, conduce la gara in modo intelligente ed arriva al rettilineo finale con il gruppo di testa, paga la giornata molto calda e cede sul finale giungendo quarta a pochi centesimi dalla terza in 10’15”94 e il giorno dopo ci riprova nei 1500m gara con troppe atlete a serie e infatti cade dopo 400m, si rialza, ma fatica a chiudere la gara con 5’00”49. Anche per il compagno di allenamenti MATTEO RODA un po’ di sfortuna nella sua gara degli 800m che conclude guadagnandosi la finale, ma poi viene squalificato per invasione di corsia nella parte iniziale. Ci riprova nei 1500m dove in un ottima gara ottiene il personale con 4’04”13 ed il quarto posto. Sul podio salgono anche le due 4×400 entrambe seste che frantumano i precedenti tempi quella femminile con BOTTONI-FEDELI-CEREA-SALARO con 4’01”37, mentre la maschile con TRUBIAN-RODA-ROSA BERNARDINS-IUORIO con 3’27”53.
GIULIA FEDELI nei 100m un po’ ventosi fa segnare però un ottimo 12”28 mentre nei 200m 25”80. PB per MATILDE SALARO nei 400m con 58”92, nei 400hs SARA MONTAGNA GRANATO 1’09”60 e nell’alto FEDERICA STELLA 1,55m.
Al maschile FEDERICO TRUBIAN 51”91 nei 400m, nei 110hs FEDERICO PATTANO 15”98, nei 400hs MARCO IUORIO 56”50 e ANDREA ROSA BERNARDINS 58”91. Nel disco STEFANO GALLUCCIO 38”09.



Ottimi risultati al classico Meeting dell’Atletica Elite al XXV aprile con molti PB. Nei 100m PB per Beatrice Zeli con 12”58, come Sarà Galullo 12”61 e Beatrice Buraschi 12”71 come Valentina Crippa e Alice Micheli 13”10. Nei 200m non c’entra L’obiettivo del minimo per gli Europei under 23 Sofia Bonicalza che giunge seconda in 24”20 e PB per Camilla Vigano’ 24”72. Nei 100hs bene Francesca Cavalli con 14”87 e seconda nei 400hsMirea Nebuloni con 1’04”74. Vince la gara di salto in alto Mara Cazzaniga con 1,60m, come il salto con l’asta con 3,70m Laura Pirovano. Nel giavellotto Gaia Ticozzi 38,53m. Al maschile nei 110hs Marco Bigoni chiude in 14”35, nei 100m 11”27 per Tommaso Catalano e Stefano Assandri, Giuseppe SAITTA 12”43. Nei 400m Riccardo Schiatti 49”12, nei 1500m Matteo Guidotti 4’23”33, Francesco Galliani 4’23”45, Luca Crespi 4’28”75, Mirko Zasso 4’30”42 e Giacomo Galliani 4’33”29. Nel salto con l’asta 4,80m per Giacomo Bernardi e nel lungo Giulio Panara 7,19m, nel triplo Daniele Martelli 12,36m. Nel disco Andrea Pizzirusso 34,44m e rientro alle gare per Marco Govoni che lancia il peso a 14,94m e Federico Galbussera 12,76m.

A BRUGHERIO Silvia Zucchetti nei 200m 27,50m, Yasmin El Dosoky 28”72 e Alice Melone 29”84.
Nel salto in lungo Giulia Cantarini 5,06m, Micaela Possenti 4,64me Gaia Americo 4,46m. Nei 200m maschili Alessandro D’Oronzo 23”94, Mattia Alfarano 24”18 e Davide Doneddu25”18. Nei 400hs Alessandro Redaelli 55”42, nei 1500m Max Novarina 4’24”26 e nel salto in lungo Niccolo’ Chiaverini 5,78m

Belle prestazioni per i ns atleti a CONEGLIANO. PB per RICCARDO ZAPPA nei 100m con 10”90 e settimo posto assoluto. Ottimo quarto posto con 52”65 nei 400hs per FEDERICO CESATI. Qualche problema di rincorsa per LAURA  PIROVANO nel suo salto con l’asta e chiude a 3,40m


The Death of Buy Cbd Oil

But the easiest way to enjoy CBD oil’s effectiveness is by following the product’s instruction. CBD oil will get consumed in many ways that suit different folks. When CBD oil interacts with our brains’ and other receptors, it promotes and produces painkilling results and anti inflammatory. A: Pure CBD oil is extremely secure, and by itself has no identified side effects at the doses used in scientific analysis (up to 1500 mg per day). Finally, CBD can also ameliorate some of the unfavorable effects of THC, so it is an excellent addition for users of medical cannabis who’ve aspect impact problems brought on by THC. If you assume you are getting side effects from a CBD oil, you may need to try a special model—it might be something completely totally different (like THC!) that’s inflicting the problem. A takeaway from this research, and other research suggesting that up to one in five CBD oil products could be contaminated with detectable quantities of THC, is that side effects from over-the-counter CBD oil merchandise won’t truly be because of the chemical motion of CBD. Although Hemp Bombs is a comparatively new company, it has been taking the market by storm due to its broad choice of products wonderful pricing and excellent customer support. Hemp Bombs is a type of companies specializing in manufacturing finances pleasant CBD merchandise. indica–marijuana has much, much more THC than hemp, which has little-to-none). Both industrial hemp marijuana are separate strains of the cannabis plant (hemp is c. But “industrial hemp” (the one supply of CBD lawful in all 50 states, because of the Federal Farm Bill’s exemption of it from the Controlled Substances Act) CBD extract products are lawful in all 50 states, can be offered on the open market at any store (not just a licensed dispensary) or online to anyone over 18–whatever the customer’s or mfr’s state’s medical or leisure weed legal guidelines. Marijuana hemp are both hashish sativa (and some marijuana is hashish indica). I use plus CBD brand for my patients and myself.It’s a fantastic firm with a fantastic reliable product. San Francisco-based mostly Pot d’Huile is beloved by pro-hashish chefs and home cooks due to its uncompromising taste It also does not leave you completely devoid of the distress of ache. Overall, I wasn’t feeling notably anxious this day, however I was feeling blue (thanks, PMDD) and sluggish after attending a convention in New York. Give me flavors, give me something tasty, because this was almost like vegetable oil with a hint of grass to it. Research on the makes use of of CBD is growing every year, and the proof for its efficacy has solely grown in the previous few years. CBD oil, short for cannabidiol oil, is an extract of the hashish plant and is understood for its pain reduction, anti-inflammatory, and anti-nervousness results. People with persistent ache, depression, nervousness, epilepsy, and other health points look to CBD oil for relief. from one of the 10 states where both recreational and medical hashish use is authorized, there’s a better probability you’ll get a higher-quality product than if you buy one made with hemp-derived CBD oil imported from overseas, says Martin Lee, director of Project CBD, a nonprofit that promotes medical analysis on CBD. Most medical specialists agree that marijuana isn’t particularly useful for people with medical circumstances and/or mental health issues, as the THC can enhance their signs; this make,s CBD oil a great different option for individuals with the following sleep disorders and medical conditions. Anything that wasn’t primarily oriented at delivering CBD-containing oil was dropped—given the popularity of CBD oil, many cosmetics and natural oil products have added hemp oil or CBD oil to their ingredients record, however only in small amounts that are not prone to make any difference in terms of the actual health benefits of CBD. While we’re all in favor of self-exploration, should you’re undecided if a CBD product is best for you, it is all the time a good idea to ask your physician or healthcare provider. Even though it’d really feel a little bizarre or gross, this allows the oil to absorb in your bloodstream.) Most CBD merchandise should embrace details about dosage, which you can use as a place to begin. Figuring out the proper CBD product for you and your wants is often a matter of experimentation. Again, legal guidelines change so check and make sure you can legally own and use CBD oil. The very low percentage of THC in hemp will be nearly impossible to get high off of, while the 30% degree of THC in marijuana will certainly make you excessive. In reality, most CBD products are derived from hemp and never from marijuana. Klein says it is important to note that in most cases, CBD does not contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. In addition to promoting overall properly-being, this oil might help improve focus and mental readability and reduce feelings of hysteria and depression. In addition to natural, unscented CBD oils, many oils come in several flavors. Remember: higher focus means more pronounced effects, however not necessarily mean greater high quality. Lab outcomes: These fine-print particulars are often included with CBD oils to back up third-party testing claims.

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“Ieri sera meeting della velocità a Cernusco, molto ben organizzato e fluido, con risultati quasi in tempo reale e una catena di montaggio efficace per tutto l’evento. Giusto sottolinearlo.” Così ha scritto Queen Atletica (atletica live) sulle nostre gare di ieri sera. Bella serata e bei risultati. Ottima Beatrice Zeli che vince i 200m con PB DI 25”31 e terza nei 200m con PB di 12”60, come la compagna Marta De Vecchi seconda con PB  nei 200m con 25”77 e 12”81 nei 100m. Beatrice Buraschi 12”91 e 26”45, Silvia Zucchetti 13”19 e Lisa Chindamo 13”46 e 27”76. Paola Boateng 27”54. Ottima l’Allieva Maria Chiara Bottoni terza con PB di 61”34 e Dalila Parachini 63”32 e Greta Cerea 63”55. Nel salto in alto le due allieve Amanda Lissoni e Gaia Mapelli 1,50m. Sofia Bonisoli A 10,13m nel triplo.
Al maschile nei 100m Davide Comerci 11”10, Tommaso Catalano 11”18m e 22”27 nel 200m, Riccardo Faita 11”28, Francesco Gargantini PB nei 100m con 11”44 e 50”44 nei 400m , Alessandro D’Oronzo 11”54 e PB NEI 200m con 23”42. Davide Di Stefano PB nei 200m con 23”49 e Simone Sedita 23”68. Victor Paddeu 11”88 e 23”51. Mattia Lavarra 11”83. Nei 400m Pietro Mariani 51”98. Vittoria nel getto del peso per Federico Galbussera con 13,70m. Nel giavellotto gli allievi Alessandro La Rovere 46,14m, Tommaso Tripodi 37,14m nell’assoluto Federico Dini 45,99m e Franco Arreghini 41,11m